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If Tunku Ismail Idris is called to give a statement regarding the issue that happened in Larkin Stadium, then he will get no special treatment from the FAM

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The Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has stated that the President of the Johor Football Association (PBNJ), Tunku Ismail Idris, will not get special treatment if he is called to give a statement in regards to the Larkin Stadium tunnel incident.

The President of the committee, Datuk Taufek Abdul Razak, stated that Idris will have to go to the FAM to give a statement if he receives a letter, which will be released soon by the FAM.

Taufek also insisted that everyone must follow the procedure that has been set by the association, regardless who they are, just like what happened to Idris when he was charged of breaching Article 88 for insulting the FAM.

According to Utusan, Tafuek said “If the official letters are out for Idris, I can assure everyone that there will be no special treatment for him during the investigation and he also must follow the rules. If he pleads guilty, then he must fill up Form A and the punishment will be decided without his presence. But if he pleads not guilty, then he must fill up form B and we will proceed with the investigation.”

Taufek’s comment denies recent speculation that the FAM are the ones who will have to go to Johor and face Idris if he is indeed called by the association.

Before this, Idris has been punished by the FAM with a six month suspension and a RM18,000 fine for two accusations under the controversial Article 88.

The incident at Larkin started during T-Team's and JDT's clash in the FA Cup 2nd round.  JDT were given an automatic win after T-Team refused to return to the pitch for the second half. The Titans claimed that two of their members had been hit by the highest official of the JFA, and they immediately left the stadium for safety reasons.

Police reports and medical reports also have been made from both sides but the investigation is still on-going from both the association and the authorities.