Azman Ibrahim wants Kelantan to continue winning momentum

The Kelantan Team Manager believes that the Red Warriors are on their way up but they must be consistent if they want to challenge for the Malaysian Super League (MSL) title

Kelantan team manager Azman Ibrahim insisted that the Red Warriors need to catch up in the league title race after strings of good performances.

After recording a 3-0 win over T-Team at Kota Bharu, Azman stated that the team has forged a good teamwork and the result is getting better for them, especially when tougher fixtures coming up for the next few weeks for them.

According to Bernama, Azman said “Some of the players like Wan Zaharulnizam and Apek did well iin the game. This is our fifth game in MSL and it’s important for us to get the win because we will face tougher opponents such as Pahang and ATM soon and we cannot lose point there.”

Kelantan sowed their class during their last game with three goals scored by Mohamed Shawky, captain Badhri Radzi and Mohamed Ghaddar gave them a comfortable win over the visitiors.

The win surely will bring back confidence from the fans towards their team after the FA Cup champions showed poor performance early in the season.

“Some of the fans were questioned our team’s capability after some of our players left last season but with this winning results, their confidence on us has returned,” added Azman.

Kelantan will travel to Selangor next to face PKNS FC for their FA Cup second leg tie and then will face Yangon United in the AFC Cup. Their next Super League game will be against defending champion Lions XII in Singapore.