Irfan Ghani quits T-Team and retires from playing football

The controversial player has decided to quit T-Team and hang up his boots after the infamous tunnel incident

T-Team and Johor-born defender, Irfan Abdul Ghani shocked Malaysian football by quitting the Titans and announced his retirement from playing football altogether.

The player, who controversially gave the statement stating that no incident had occurred between T-Team and JDT during their FA Cup second round clash, has decided to hang up his boots.

The player who went AWOL from training, held a press conference in Johor Bahru that he has already submitted his resignation letter to Terengganu Football Association (PBSNT) on Feb 4 and he admitted that he had sworn on Al-Quran that what he said earlier was the truth.

According to Bernama, the president of PBSNT, Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam has confirmed that they had received the letter and they would study the contents of the letter before deciding on what action they would take based on Irfan’s contract with the team.

Speaking to the reporters, Wan Ahmad Nizam said, “We will look at the contract governing laws issued by the FAM.”

Wan Ahmad also labelled Irfan as coward as he failed to come to Terengganu and swear upon the Al-Quran in front of Terengganu’s Chief Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Said.

“He should have come to Terengganu but he vacated his rented his house without telling anyone as if he already planned to leave,” he added.

Earlier this month, the match between JDT and T-Team at Larkin Stadium was disrupted by an incident in the tunnel during half time break as T-Team claimed that the highest official of JDT has assaulted and threatened their fitness coach and also one of their foreign players.

The Titans then refuse to return to the pitch for the second half and left the pitch by stating safety reasons and they had to have police escorted them to leave the stadium.

The match commissioner then postponed the match, and the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) later on awarded JDT a 3-0 win, which automatically dumped T-Team out of the FA Cup.

Both teams have lodged police reports, with Terengganu police stating that 17 statements from T-Team officials and players were taken, including Irfan’s controversial statement.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Said had T-Team players and officials to swear on Al-Quran to prove their innocence and he has been vocally criticising the FAM over the decision made.