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Datuk Seri Ahmad Said proved that he is a man of his word as T-Team players and officials swore on the Al-Quran over the Larkin Stadium incident

After suggesting it and requesting it for the past few days, the Chief Minister of Terengganu Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, got what he wished for as the players and officials of T-Team swore on the Al-Quran last night.

In the event that took place in Tabung Haji Hotel in Kuala Terengganu, a few other people such as the Youth, Sport and Human Resources Chairman Rozi Mamat, and President of Terengganu Football Association (PBSNT) Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam, were also present for the ceremony.

T-Team’s assistant coach, Azlan Johar was the first witness to swear on Al-Quran, followed by Khairan Izuan Razali, T-Team’s midfielder who was also present during the incident that happened in the tunnel at the Larkin Stadium.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Said insisted that the players and the officials of T-Team were to swear on the Al-Quran since they were dumped out of the FA Cup after the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) rewarded JDT a 3-0 win.

Ahmad Said was clearly unhappy and not satisfied with the decision made by the FAM, as he believed that T-Team left the stadium for a good reason, which was for the safety of the players with the players needing to be escorted by the police on their way out of the stadium.

Indicating that the decision was unfair, he had asked the players and the officials of T-Team to take an oath over the Al-Quran, in order to prove their innocence and to ensure that that they are not lying.

T-Team refused to return to the pitch after the first half after they claimed that their coach and players were assaulted and threatened by the highest official of JDT during their FA Cup second round tie at Larkin Stadium earlier in the month.