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Johor's chairman of Youth, Sport, Heritage and Culture Committee, Datuk Zulkarnain Kamisan, believes there is no need to swear on Al-Quran as per requested by Datuk Ahmad Said.

The chairman of Johor’s Youth, Sports, Heritage and Culture committee has stated that there is no need for any T-Team or JDT players to swear on the Al-Quran to prove that they are innocent.

He believes that the authorities, who are the police, can carry out a thorough investigation and give the right decision without being biased to any team.

According to Bernama, Zulkarnain said “The incident that happened between JDT and T-Team at Larkin stadium tunnel need to be investigated and the decision that has been made so far is without bias.”

Zulkarnain was replying to the comment given by the Terengganu’s Chief Minister Datuk Ahmad Said who stated that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) were not being fair by giving JDT a 3-0 win over the T-Team.

The decision, which was totally supported by Zulkarnain, has dumped T-Team out of the FA Cup. T-Team did not return to the match for the second half as they claimed that they feared for their safety after a supposed threat from a JDT official, and it forced for the match to be abandoned.

Ahmad Said who was clearly disappointed with the decision made by the FAM has urged players and officials to prove their innocence by swearing on the Al-Quran.

The mystery under the tunnel has yet to be revealed as both sides have made police reports with different stories being told from different perspectives.

Terengganu police reportedly have recorded 17 statements from players and officials of T-Team including the controversial statement from T-Team defender Irfan Ghani.