T-Team players ready to swear on Quran as requested by Chief Minister

T-Team's Muslim players are ready to swear on Quran if that's what it takes for everyone to believe their story regarding the now infamous Larkin incident

The Chief Executive Officer of T-Team, Ab Rasid Jusoh, has insisted that all Muslim players in the team are ready to swear on the Quran over the incident that happened at Larkin Stadium recently.

According to Rasid, the action, suggested and requested by Chief Minister of Terengganu Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, is ready to be implemented, and he also added that the players are ready to do it any time.

Speaking to Bernama, Rasid said “We are still waiting for a suitable date. All the players are prepared to swear at any time.”

However, despite the saga not yet being resolved, he has urged players to keep on focusing on the Super League after being dumped out of the FA Cup.

“We will focus fully in the MSL. We will play with determination to ensure we can compete with other teams and improve our league (position),” he added.

Datuk Seri Ahmad Said recently slammed the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) by questioning the decision made by the association to give Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT) a 3-0 win over T-Team after the match ended at half-time.

According to him, T-Team had justified reasons for withdrawing from the match and he believes that the FAM should investigate deeper into the case rather than making a decision merely based on reports.

He then later suggested for T-Team’s players to swear on the Quran to uphold the truth in if that’s what it takes to ensure that justice previals. He said as Muslims, lying about what happened would damage the image of football in the country.

In the incident, which took place during the FA Cup  2nd round tie between JDT and T-Team at Larkin Stadium recently, T-Team refused to return to the pitch after half time as they claimed that their coach and players has been assaulted by a JDT official.

Police reports have been made from both sides. Terengganu police reportedly have recorded statements from 17 officials and players from T-Team, including the controversial statement from Johor-born Irfan Ghani, who has been missing from T-Team training.

The FAM recently rewarded JDT a 3-0 win, which automatically dumped T-Team out of the competition. However, they are yet to make any decision regarding the incident that happened in the tunnel.