FAM set to finalise deal with Philippe Troussier

The Frenchman has reportedly agreed to sign a three-year contract with FAM, and he will also be assisted by current Harimau Muda A head coach Ong Kim Swee
The Football Association of Malaysia are extremely close to securing the services of Phillip Troussier as the new Malaysia National head coach, with reports suggesting that the Frenchman will be unveiled sometime next month.

This negotiation between FAM and Troussier has been going on for quite some time now, but the deal is almost 80% completed, and FAM are very confident of seeing him take charge of the Malayan Tigers.

Rumours imply that his salary will cost FAM a whopping RM2.7 million every year, although they have apparently gathered sponsors to afford his expensive salary package according to New Straits Times. Should he join, Troussier will also be bringing over two of his own assistants, whose cost is likely to be incurred by FAM as well.

FAM officials will be travelling over to Morocco, where Troussier is based as of now, to complete the deal within the next two weeks.

Besides his head coach role, Troussier will also be given the football director post, and he will be tasked with overseeing the development of all the Harimau Muda squads. Ong Kim Swee will be assisting him in that position, and a new replacement is also likely to be appointed for the Harimau Muda team.

Having said that, FAM will proceed to appoint Ong Kim Swee as the new head coach, should they fail to conclude a deal with Troussier.