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The Pahang coach awaits the fate of two of his players after the FAM called them to be investigated in the match-fixing scandal

PDRM have been hit with the news that two of their players might be facing heavy punishments after being linked with match-fixing and bribery scandal, with coach Dollah Salleh admitting that he is prepared to accept any sort of consequences that will happen.

However, Dollah added that as long as there is no final say from the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM), the two players, namely Azizon Abdul Kadir and Mohd Munir Amran, are still going to continue to play as usual for the team.

According to Utusan, Dollah said “Right now they are being investigated by the FAM and we have not receive and decisions from them but if they were to be found guilty, I am ready for it.”

Dollah also insisted that if he lost the two players, he will still have 25 players at his disposal who can carry on and play really well.

With the PDRM owner recently showing his confidence towards him (Dollah Salleh), the former Pahang coach admitted the task of winning the Premier League will be tough with other teams also strengthening their own team with quality signings.

He added that there are still improvements that need to be made and his players need to work hard if they want to play in the MSL in 2015. 

Recently, the FAM have called 10 players of Kuala Lumpur to be investigated after reportedly being involved with the match-fixing scandal. Some of the players and staff have already been suspended for life due to that crime.