Sultan of Selangor wants no entertainment activities in Shah Alam Stadium

Sultan Sharafuddin has suggested that Shah Alam Stadium should hold only sporting-related events, and entertainment and rally activities

The Sultan of Selangor, Sulan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has stated that Shah Alam stadium should be used only for sporting events and shall not be opened up to any other entertainment activities such as concerts.

According to The Star, Sultan Sharafuddin has informed Selangor’s chief minister Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim regarding his concerns over the facilities and maintenance that were not up to par.

Sultan Sharafuddin said “I told the chief minister that no concert or rallies should be held in the stadium, just purely sports.”

He also suggested that the government should spend some money on maintaining and cleaning up the stadium, and special team should be formed consisting of former players and relevant people to help maintain the stadium.

“They must come up with ideas on how to bring income to the stadium, attract more advertisements, upgrade basic facilities and provide fast WiFi connection to the media,” he added.

Meanwhile ATM coach, B. Sathianathan also agreed with the suggestion as he stated that the Shah Alam stadium is world class but fails in terms of maintenance.

“The structure of the stadium is world class but everything else (is) in shambles. It defeats the purpose of having world class facilities when the maintenance, including the condition of the pitch is poor,” added Sathianathan.

Reports are suggesting that The Shah Alam City Council has closed the stadium for three months from the 1st of December in order to upgrade its facilities for football teams and spectators.