Mahali sings praises for departing Rajagopal

Malaysia's Cafu, Mahali Jasuli, thanked Datuk K. Rajagopal for helping him a lot throughout his career.

Mahali Jasuli has come out saying that he will never forget the sacrifices and the contributions given by the departing national head coach Datuk K. Rajagopal during his time with the Malayan Tigers.

According to him, Rajagopal has taught and guided him a lot in the past few years and it was because of him that he performs the way he does today.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Mahali said: "Without his guidance and his discipline, I would not be playing at this level today.

"He carried me with the national team since I was 18 years-old.

"Thank you so much for your contribution with us, the Malayan Tigers."

Rajagopal’s contract will end this year after the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) decided last Monday that it will not be renewed after much criticism regarding the performance of the national team, especially in the past 12 months.

He will be replaced by Malaysia Under-23 coach Ong Kim Swee, who will act as the interim manager before the new head coach takes over.