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Arema's Nwokolo is high on Terengganu's shorlist.

Terengganu shift attention to Indonesian players for next season

Arema's Nwokolo is high on Terengganu's shorlist.

Abi Yazid

The Turtles are reportedly close to securing the signature of an Indonesian player, to fulfill the Asian player quota for next season

Terengganu have shifted their attention towards signing Indonesian players, and are even rumoured to be close to securing Arema's Greg Nwokolo as one of their foreign players for next season. As reported by Goal Malaysia in October, Terengganu have set their sights on Arema the Nigerian born Indonesian striker.

FAM have opened up an additional foreign player slot, though it is only limited to Asian players. The Turtles were initially looking for names from Singapore, but tides have shifted since then and they are now into the Indonesian market.

Nwokolo has previously admitted that there is significant interest coming in from a club in Malaysia, though he never explicitly mentioned Terengganu.

"We shifted our attention to Indonesia after we failed to find Singaporean names to fit our criteria. This is part and parcel of fulfilling the Asian player quota for next season," Terengganu FA's Abdul Rashid Jusoh told Bernama.

Besides that, the East Coast side are also keeping tabs on a Croatian player, after they sent representatives over to Europe to watch him in action. Reports have been positive, and Terengganu are keen on signing him.

However, no confirmation has been made regarding either signings, as they are currently preparing for the open trial sessions that will be held between November 6th and 8th.