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Damion Stewart was rock solid in Pahang's heart of defence, nullifying every single Kelantan attack, which allowed his team to triumph in the Malaysia Cup final.


Damion Stewart
Kelantan 0-1 Pahang
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Dickson Nwakaeme is one of the toughest center forward in Malaysian football and going up against him is never an easy task. But worse still, to go against him in the biggest pinnacle of Malaysian football; manh would have expected it ti be a delicate task.

Nonetheless, Damion Stewart was rock solid last night, coping with every single attack that was coming from The Red Warriors. Pahang were dominating the midfield battle, which made Kelantan resort to long balls. As a result, Dickson was evidently the target man and Damion needed to be at his best.

And indeed, he was impeccable in defence. The Jamaican defender won most of the balls in the air, and did well to prevent Dickson from creating too many chances. But beyond that, Damion was also a threat during set pieces for Pahang, though he was always quick to drop back to prevent counter attacks.

One impressive bit about Damion is the fact that his positioning abilities are tremendous, and it essentially helps him preemptively predict opposition movements. That was predominantly visible in his performance yesterday as well.

But more importantly, he was a leader at the back too. Not only was Damion brilliant, but he understanding with Razman was equally magnificent as well. The leadership credentials displayed by the Jamaican allowed Razman to complement him and thus form an effective defensive partnership.

Many would applaud Matias Conti for his solitary goal that won the game yesterday, but Damion Stewart was perhaps the bigger influencing factor for Pahang.


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