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ATM left-back Fitri Omar is confident that his team have found the right strategy to stop Kelantan from reaching the 2013 Malaysia Cup final

ATM left-back, Mohd Fitri Omar is confident that his side have found a way to stop Kelantan from winning in their second leg of the 2013 Malaysia Cup semifinal tonight.

Despite admitting that Kelantan have the advantage of teamwork, Fitri has no problem with that whatsoever.

According to Sinar Harian, Fitri said: "I am confident that we have found the right recipe to stop Kelantan from going into the final.

"We cannot say what the recipe is but coach B. Sathianathan has planned a new strategy and we have discussed it during training.

"It cannot be denied that there will be pressure when we face Kelantan who are in their top form with Dickson Nwakaeme, Norfarhan Muhammad and Badhri Radzi.

"But we are ready and I am confident that we can play better in Kota Bharu," he added.

He also added that with ATM being the first team to break Kelantan’s unbeaten home record last April, everything is possible and they are confident that they can repeat the same victory once again.