KAFA will have no problems controlling the crowd

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) believes that the KAFA's experience in previous semifinals will help them maintain safety when ATM visit Kota Bharu this Friday.

The FAM are confident that the Kelantan FA (KAFA) can handle the crowd coming to Kota Bharu this Friday to watch the second leg of semifinal between Kelantan and ATM.

The President of the Local Tournament Committee, Datuk Afandi Hamzah, said that the confidence is based on the experience that Kelantan have, after qualifying for the semifinal for three years in a row.

According to Sinar Harian, Afandi said: "I think KAFA have made the best preparation in order to avoid any unnecessary incidents happening when the team face ATM later on. They have the experience and they have overcome a lot of things. I also understand that KAFA will hold a meeting regarding the safety issue soon."

Afandi also commented on the claims that some of the Kelantan and ATM fans failed to enter the stadium during the first leg match, despite already purchasing tickets.

However he denied those claims and added that only around 10,400 tickets were sold that night, instead of the speculated 16,000.

Kelantan and ATM will resume their battle in Kota Bharu, which can hold up to 22,000 people, in the second leg of 2013 Malaysia Cup semifinal with the Red Warriors leading 2-1.