Robert Alberts extends contract at Sarawak

Sarawak Football Association have released a statement saying that Robert Alberts will remain as the Crocs' head coach for next year's Malaysian Super League
Sarawak Football Association (FAS) have announced that Robert Alberts will remain as the head coach for the Crocs for the year 2014.

With rumours circulating that several clubs have tried to take him away from Sarawak, FAS are glad that they have been able to extend Alberts' contract after he brought them to the Malaysian Super League with an unbeaten run in their champion-winning Premier League season.

In a press release, the FAS President said: "We are aware that other teams have expressed their interests to take him away from Sarawak so therefore I’m very glad that we have reached an agreement for him to stay put here.

"We will facilitate and work together to provide him and the team a conducive environment to achieve greater success."

FAS also stressed the importance for Alberts to stay as they want to add on to what they have achieved last season.

"The experienced coach has been impressive in his performance throughout this season, leading Sarawak to emerge as champions while also remaining unbeaten in the league.

"His presence will ensure continuity as we prepare to strengthen our team next year," he added.

FAS are hoping that the news will be a good one for the fans as they have also voiced out their support of the ‘bola tanpa mercun’ campaign initiated by the fans through Facebook.

FAS have expressed their support of the campaign which aims to create awareness on safety and security in the stadium for the good of all.

Sarawak is currently in the hunt of their second trophy of the season and they are certainly on the right track as they have a chance to qualify for the next round of the 2013 Malaysia Cup campaign if they can win their next two matches.