Three Kelantan stars to switch clubs next season

Three of Kelantan's key players are reportedly involved with making deals to play for another Malaysian Super League team next season

A report is circulating indicating that three key players in the Kelantan outfit will make a switch to play for another team in the Malaysian Super League.

According to Utusan, the team has made deals with these players in order to help them take the M-League title next season.

It was also revealed that all three players are the key players that helped the Red Warriors win the treble last season, as well as the FA Cup in June.

All three players are said to have reached a verbal agreement with the team and they will receive a lucrative deal.

The Kelantan Football Association (KAFA) Secretary-general, Azman Ibrahim, when contacted by local media, refused to comment on the issue.

According to him, it is not the time for KAFA to discuss any transfesr as the Malaysia Cup is yet to be over.

"I am worried that this issue will affect the morale as well as the players’ spirit in facing the challenges in Malaysia Cup.

"What’s more important is that we must give our 100 per cent to the Malaysia Cup fixtures against Terengganu and Pahang," he added.

Azman also insisted that the KAFA have only received letters from two teams indicating their interest to sign the Red Warriors' players next season, and these came through the right channels.

Kelantan are currently on a mission to qualify for the next round of Malaysia Cup with matches against Terengganu and Pahang that will be crucial for them after making a rather disappointing start to the campaign.