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The Football Association of Malaysia have revamped the controversial article 88, which previously did not allow officials to make statements regarding the national team

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have made a major decision which will no doubt delight the Malaysian fans, as they agreed to edit Article 88, thus allowing officials to make media statements regarding the national team.

This decision was made after FAM held their 49th Annual Congress on Saturday.

However, FAM Vice President Datuk Afandi Hamzah was quick to reiterate that FAM officials would still have to comply with several regulations before making public statements.

Besides that, FAM have also decided to amend article 68, which previously allowed players to directly bring their football-related cases to court.

Once the amendment is in place, players will now have to refer their case to FAM first, before taking it to court.

If there ever comes a scenario where a player insists on taking the case to court, then he could be banned for life, although room for appeal has also been allowed.


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