Minor brawl in Ipoh as fans jeer Seladangs

The Seladangs faithful expressed their resentment towards Perak's inability to convert chances into goals, which ultimately provoked several players
In was supposed to be Perak's final preparatory match before they begin their Malaysia Cup campaign, but a minor brawl between players and several fans overshadowed the match, in which Perak netted two goals to defeat Harimau Muda 'B' 2-0.

It all began with Azlan Ismail failing to convert several clear-cut chances in front of goal. A few fans within the stadium were frustrated and insulted him from the stands.

So when Azlan finally fired home his fourth chance, he naturally went towards the stands, retaliating against the criticism that was hurdled against him.

This did not bode well with the fans and as the intensity increased, other Perak FA players too approached the stands. However, the situation was sorted out amicably by the security forces on duty, allowing the game to resume.

Azlan Ismail has a been a visible target for Perak FA fans, as he has only netted three goals wih the Seladangs thus far this season. However, he will definitely be looking to improve in the upcoming Malaysia Cup competition.