Barcelona tour organizers treated us like pariahs, says Malaysian Sports Minister

Khairy Jamaluddin expressed his resentment towards different issues that surrounded the poorly organized match between Barcelona and Malaysia XI
Malaysian Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin took to Twitter to express his animosity towards the poorly organized match between Barcelona and Malaysia XI yesterday.

The former Deputy President of FAM criticised organizers for their lack of consideration, claiming that local fans and media were treated like 'pariahs'.

"Event organizers for Barca tour messed up ground ops throughout. Local media and fans treated like pariahs," he tweeted earlier today.

In what turned out to be a real mess, organizers were forced to change the venue of the match to the Shah Alam Stadium on Friday night, due to the terrible pitch condition in Bukit Jalil. This last hour change, created a mess in terms of logistics and the problem amplified on match day.

Several fans who had purchased VIP tickets, that costed RM688, were not allowed entry into the VIP zone by the security team, despite their continuous pleas.

"Event organizers poorly advised FAM and Barca on pitch condition. Probably wanted to maximise ticket sales at expense of pitch condition," Khairy continued.

"FAM and Barca should have been more hands on in field inspection. Especially FAM who should know better about SNBJ (Bukit Jalil Stadium) field condition and my October refurbishment plans."