Barca stars skip press conference in Shah Alam

Media representives were unanimously snubbed by the Barcelona players, as they skipped the post-match press conference last night
Chaos would certainly be an understatement to describe the events which transpired yesterday.

After a last-minute venue change to the Shah Alam Stadium, organizers of the match between Barcelona and Malaysia were left flat-footed as they succumbed to a logistical disaster.

understands that the Catalan side did not want to play the match at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil due to poor pitch conditions after their player was reported to have picked up an injury. Local Malaysian media were also prohibited from interviewing Barcelona players after the open training session.

On matchday, some VIP ticket holders were unceremoniously denied entry into the designated VIP area by 'thug-like' security personnels.

But worse still, Barcelona players unanimously skipped the post-match press conference altogether, prompting outrage among media outlets.