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Ong Kim Swee's men lost their 7th-8th classification match to Canada earlier today, thus finishing eight in the World University Games

Harimau Muda suffered their fourth consecutive defeat of the tournament earlier today, when they were brought down by the score line of 1-3 by Canada. 

The defeat thus concluded their frustrating campaign in the World University Games, in which they finished 8th after that loss to Canada.

Ong Kim Swee's men opened the game on a confident note and even took the lead on the 27th minute, courtesy of a good finish from D. Saarvindran. It was the young forward's third goal of the competition and it gave them a much needed boost as the game progressed.

However, Canada rallied back to equalize in the 39th minute, as Marco Thomas fired home from the spot after K. Reuben was penalized for fouling inside the penalty box.

Just three minutes later, Canada doubled their lead through Matthew Medoruma's goal. Harimau Muda fought back defiantly for the coveted equalizer but Canada ultimately sealed the victory with a third goal on the 82nd minute, with Mario Kovacevic firing on target.

Harimau Muda's 8th place finish is disappointing to many but statistically, it betters their result in 2011, where they finished 12th.