ATM to send complaint letter to FAM

ATM Head Coach, B. Sathianathan, will send an official letter of complaint to the Football Association of Malaysia regarding the refereeing in their recent defeat to Selangor

ATM will send an official complaint letter to the Football Asscociation of Malaysia (FAM) to protest against the quality of refereeing in the game against Selangor last Friday.

Their Head Coach, B. Sathianathan, said he decided to submit the complaint because he felt that the mistakes made by the referee, Shamsuddin Ibrahim, were big enough to warrant further scrutinizing.

"I am fine with the first yellow card given to Marlon Alex James, but the second yellow was too harsh.

"Marlon was pushed and got elbowed by the Selangor player, so he held the ball.

"For me, Marlon did not make any mistake, he only defended himself," Sathianathan told Sinar Harian.

"But the referee gave him the red card - I am not blind and I saw everything.

"I even watched the replay after the game and Marlon didn’t make any mistake.

"I think [it was] the referee [who] made a huge mistake," he added.

Sathianathan also said that Shamsuddin’s actions have destroyed their hopes of winning the Malaysian Super League title this season.