Malaysia moves up two spots in latest FIFA Rankings

Despite having no games last month, Malaysia still moved up two spots in the latest FIFA Rankings

In the latest of FIFA Rankings, Malaysia have climbed up two spots to 161 this month despite having played no matches at all last month.

The national squad, coached by Datuk K.Rajagopal, is now at 161 according to latest FIFA ranking, moving up two spots from the 163rd spot last month.

The consistent improvements in the ranking must be good news to all the football fans here in the country after the national team went down from 158th spot in January, to 164th in March.

With the new position, the Malayan Tigers are now at the same level with teams such as Aruba (152) and Bangladesh (154).

In Asia, Malaysia are still at number 31 out of 46 countries, and despite falling down one spot, Japan are still the number one team in Asia at number 30 overall, with Korea Republic (42) and Australia (47).

In Asean, Malaysia also remain at 5th spot behind teams like Vietnam (132) and Thailand (142) while neighbours Singapore and Indonesia are behind the national team at 165 and 170 respectively.

There are no changes at the summit, with Spain, Germany and Argentina still the top three leading the rankings of 209 countries altogether.