thumbnail Hello, ran a poll last week and found that a majority of the respondents feel that K. Rajagopal should have been punished by the Football Association of Malaysia

A larger majority of football fans think that the Malaysia national coach, K. Rajagopal, got off too easy when the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) found him not guilty of violating Article 88.

Fifty-seven per cent of those polled saw that the FAM made the wrong decision by not punishing Rajagopal.

In previous reports, King Raja was accused of violating Article 88 when he blamed the arrival of import players in the M-League for the lack of good local strikers after a loss to Saudi Arabia.

After a thourough investigation, due to the lack of evidence, the chairman of the FAM Disciplinary Committee, Datuk Taufik Abdul Razak, announced their decision.

To the benefit of the Malaysian national coach, 38 people of the 89 polled agreed with the FAM’s decision to drop all charges.

A fan, "Mohd Nashriq Shauket", jested in a Facebook comment that Rajagopal “can continue doing his television advertisements”.

At the end of the inquiry, Datuk Taufik suggested that the media was at fault for misconstruing Raja’s comments.