DEBATE: Did FAM make the right decision with Rajagopal? wants to know what you think about the Football Association of Malaysia's decision which found K. Rajagopal not guilty
Malaysia national coach, K. Rajagopal, was involved in a spat with the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) after he alledgedly violated Article 88 when he blamed the arrival of import players in the M-League for the lack of good local strikers after a loss to Saudi Arabia.

After a thorough investigation, the FAM found that King Raja was in fact not guilty because of the lack of evidence against him.

The chairman of FAM Disciplinary Committee, Datuk Taufik Abdul Razak, said the committee had decided not to charge Rajagopal after carefully analysing the video of the press conference.

He said: "After listening to the recording of the post-match press conference, we decided to drop the charge against Rajagopal as he did not make such a statement.

"Probably the media had misconstrued the comments made by him."

Datuk Taufik then added that there was no mention of FAM policies in Rajagopal's statements.

Do you think that the FAM panel made the right decision? Malaysia wants your opinions. Tell us what you think about Rajagopal going unpunished.