FAM needs to focus on the development of football - Khoo

Sports critic, Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, has said that the FAM needs to focus on the development of football rather than continuing to punish people
Sports critic, Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim, has said that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) must stop acting like police in finding faults with individuals and punishing them for violating Article 88.

According to him, the FAM are focusing too much on punishing individuals, and seem to have forgotten their main priority and objective - that is to develop football.

Speaking to Bernama he said: "Stop acting like the police and return to the main objective of being an administrator who is entrusted with the development of football in the country.

"As long as the FAM fails to revive the glory days of the 60s and 70s era, the FAM are continuing to betray the people, especially football lovers in the country, for failing to fulfill that objective.

"If the FAM are not able to take the national team to the World Cup, try to at least qualify for the Olympics, not go backwards."

Commenting on the national team's failure to qualify for the Olympics since 1980, he said: "It pales in comparison when we compare the facilities and money available or spent now, with what was available when we qualified for the 1972 Munich Olympics in Germany and the 1980 Moscow Olympics in Russia."

Khoo was outspoken in talking about this matter after finding out that the FAM has decided to issue a show cause letter to Datuk K. Rajagopal.

This was after his comments regarding the presence of foreign imports in the M-League that he said resulted in a lack of lethal strikers for the national team.

Apart from Rajagopal, other people who have received punishment from the FAM previously are Kelantan FA President Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Perlis FA President Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim and Johor FA President Tunku Ismail Idris Sultan Ibrahim.

According to the Article 88, only the President and the Secretary-general of the FAM can issue statements to the media on matters related to policy matters, while affiliates need to be given the greenlight by the national body before making any statements.