Del Nero to stay at JDT for two more matches

The Johor Darul Takzim import will play his final two matches for the Southern Tigers, against Terengganu and Selangor.

The news of Johot Darul Takzim import Simone Del Nero’s premature exit from the southern outfit broke out about a week ago to much attention of fans throughout the country.

It was reported that he was to be ‘relegated’ to another Johor team, Johor FA of the Premier League, by the management who has not been satisfied by his performance, and also to open up a space for another import in their foreign player quota.

Del Nero however refused to do so, claiming that his contract is only for JDT, resulting in his departure from the club, although no details of his contract have been released to the public by either party.

But according to head coach Fandi Ahmad, Del Nero has to fulfill the requirements contract, at least until the April transfer window opens.

To this effect, he is slated to feature for the Southern Tigers in the Malaysian Super League match against Terengganu on March 30, and the first leg of their huge FA Cup quarter-final tie against Selangor on April 6.

He will then be replaced in the squad starting from the second round of the league, on April12 , by Johor FA’s Andre de Silva.

However, there has been no concrete report just yet as to Del Nero’s future after he leaves JDT although he is most likely to return home to Italy.

What effects this controversy may have on the reputation of Malaysian football is yet to be seen but this will probably cast the MSL in a negative light internationally, as it is against FIFA rulings for players to be transferred to another club without their consent.

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