Malaysia drops five spots to 164 in latest FIFA rankings

Malaysia has dropped five places, from 159 to 164, behind nations as Bermuda and Maldives, and it is their worst position since January 2012
Based on the latest FIFA ranking, K. Rajagobal's men, who lost to Qatar in the 2015 Asian Cup Qualifiers on February 6, are currently below the Phillipines (145) and Myanmmar (155).

According to Bernama, this is the lowest placing since last year after reaching as high as 148th in January. The team has been going up and down the ranks between 148-162 since then, and now they are at their lowest point, 164.

In the ASEAN region, Malayisa are now sixth behind Vietnam (129), Thailand (135), Phillippines (145), Myanmmar (155) and Singapore (162).

In Asia, Japan are currently leading the way for the continent, with South Korea in second, Australia in third and Malaysia way behind at 31st, out of 46 countries.

The European and world champions Spain remain at the number one spot with 1610 points, and there is no change in second and third spot either as Germany and Argentina remain behind Spain respectively.

Malaysia are set to face Yemen and Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks and the results of the games are expected to change Malaysia's position in the next edition of the world rankings.