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FAM has said that they will analyse the comments made by Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim, regarding the quality of refereeing in Malaysia, before taking any action

According to Kosmo!, FAM secretary-general, Datuk Azzuddin said that the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) will analyse the statement made by Tunku Ismail to the media before taking any action.

"As always, Tunku Ismail's comment on the quality of the refereeing in the M-League will be brought to FAM's disciplinary committee. He will be investigated in the normal procedures," said Azzuddin.

"However, FAM will analyse his statement first, whether it was a critique (of the referee) or to get the attention of the FAM," he added.

Tunku Ismail recently has questioined the refereeing quality in the M-League as he claimed it to be amateur and weak.

He also bravely said that he will accept any punishments made on him if he was guilty of making claims that bring the game into disrepute.