FAM haven't received any reports regarding threats from bookie

The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) have not received any reports on a Malaysian Premier League player who was threatened by a bookmaker
There are claims that a Malaysian Premier League team's player was threatened by a bookie who told him not to play for his team last friday.

The General-Secretary of FAM, Datuk Azzudin Ahmad, said that the team, who wished to remain anonymous, have made an official report regarding the threat to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and to the police.

Speaking to Bernama, Azzudin said: "We are going to investigate this matter closely. So far, we have not received any reports but we will contact the enforcement officers to get more details."

Before this, a local paper reported that the player, who is also a former international, was only placed on the bench by his coach after he made the claim that he received a threat from the bookie.

At the same time, Azzudin also asked any teams competing in the Malaysian football leagues to report  such cases to the International Football Association, and not just the local authorities like MACC and the police.