Kelantan - Terengganu Preview: Red Warriors need a victory but face rising Terengganu

Wobbling Kelantan to host the East Coast Derby against Terengganu at the Sultan Muhammad Ke-IV Stadium

Khairul Fahmi

Daudsu - Nik Shahrul -
Obinna- Zairulfitree
Izuan - Shakir - Badri - Farhan
Faiz Subri
- Indra Putra


Muhaimin - Faizal - Bikana - Zubir
G.Puaneswaran- Nordin- Khairan - Ashaari
Owona - Manaf

Both sides had different tales to tell in their last fixture - Kelantan were trashed by Selangor 2-0 and Terengganu found their first win of the season against Perak.

The hosts, Kelantan only recorded one win in six matches and only scored three goals this season. The Malaysian Super League champions noticed the problems and made several changes to their management - specifically calling back Azman Ibrahim and switching Bojan Hodak to focus on coaching.

Badhri Radzi, who was fielded in the second half during the defeat to Selangor on Friday, would likely be on the starting line up. Kelantan would also be hoping for their forwards like Norfarhan and Indraputra to make an impact against the traveling Turtles.

Terengganu, on the flipside, just found their form this season after beating Perak in their last fixture. However, the Penyus paid the price on Friday and will be without their influential playmaker Ismail Faruqi who was sent off in Kuala Terengganu.

The Red Warriors, based on their track record, have proven that their last line of defence is indeed fragile. Turtles' head coach, E. Elavarasan, will most definitely exploit that.

  • Kelantan never lost a single match in all competitions at home in 2012.
  • Kelantan and Terengganu are rivals in any sports competitions.

  • Sultan Muhammad KeIV Stadium has sold the highest percentage of tickets per match for the past four years in MSL.

  • Both teams, Kelantan and Terengganu only recorded one win this season.

  • The Red Warriors trashed Terengganu 6-1 in their last meeting during last season’s Malaysia Cup group stages.

  • Out of the five meetings Kelantan and Terengganu had last season, the Red Warriors won three of them.