Irfan and Rozaimi both attracting A-League scouts

Brad Maloney, an Australian League scout, wants to give Irfan and Rozaimi a closer look with an eye on possibly giving them both a chance to play in the A-League
Former Australia international Brad Maloney is reportedly interested in two Young Tigers players, Irfan Fazail and Sabah's Rozaimi Abd Rahman.

Currently working as a talent scout for the Australian League's (A-League) clubs, Maloney is keen to look at the players to give them a chance to play in the A-League.

Former Sabah player Scott Ollerenshaw is the man responsible for bringing the Young Tigers on the Australian Tour, and it is he who suggested both players to Maloney.

Speaking to, Maloney said he attended the Young Tigers' training sessions when both Irfan and Rozaimi got his attention.

"I think they can play better if they have a chance to play in the A-League. But whatever it is, I want to see them playing in real matches first," said the 41-year-old.