Wan Zack and Zaharulnizam receive offers from Japan

Ong Kim Swee has announced that Wan Zack Wan Haikal and Wan Zaharulnizam have been offered contracts by Ryukyu FC from Japan
Young Tigers coach, Ong Kim Swee, today has announced that Japanese club FC Ryukyu have offered contracts to Wan Zack Haikal and Wan Zaharulnizam.

Both players went for a trial in July 2012, and they had informed Ong of their wish to play for the club.

Speaking to Foxsports.my, Wan Zaharulnizam said "I am happy when i received the contract offer. I have been waiting for the good news from Ryukyu ever since Zack and I went for the trial last year. I am sure I can gain a lot of experience if I play in Japan.

"While we were there, we do not have much problems. Both players and coaches were really nice to us, but maybe communication is a bit hard between both parties," Zaharulnizam added.

According to Ong, Zack and Zaharulnizam will likely be tied to a two-year contract with Ryukyu, but FAM hasn't made any decisions yet.