Irfan already preparing his players for the clash against Kelantan

Selangor head coach Irfan Bakti has already started training with his players to keep their momentum going, despite the three-week break
With the Super League is now currently on break to give way for national team preparations in the Asia Cup 2015 qualifiers, Selangor's head coach Irfan Bakti has warned his players that this is not the time for a honeymoon.

Selangor are scheduled to face Kelantan after the break and Irfan has continued his training as usual, as he wants to keep momentum going among the players.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, Irfan said "We already started to train and our players are in a good mood. We are not just going to rest. We are going to have at least two friendlies during the break. We will face Singapore's club, Geylang United at Shah Alam on February 7th, after this we'll face Pos Malaysia."

Irfan also gave good news to the fans as K Gurusamy and S Kunanlan are both showing positive recovery signs and could feature in their next game.

The Red Giants are currently third in the league after three wins and a draw, only two points behind league leaders Pahang.