Mohd Badri hopes Rajagopal picks the best players for the national squad

The Kelantan skipper has spoken out about how he feels after not being picked for the national squad
Mohd Badri Mohd Radzi, otherwise known as Piya, said that he has no problems with Datuk K. Rajagopal's decision of not picking him for the national team squad.

According to Bernama, Piya said "I do not have any problem with Rajagopal. The decision is all up to him. But I hope he pick only the best players available after watching them in action."

The Kelantan skipper's absence from the squad that will see action in the 2015 Asian Cup Qualifiers had raised many disgruntled voices among football fans in the country.

The media claimed that Rajagopal should have given Piya, who lead Kelantan for historic treble last season, at least one chance to show what he can do for the Malaysia team.

Bojan Hodak, Kelantan's head coach, said that despite Piya being in a class of his own, Rajagopal's decisison must be respected by others.