PKNS FC to revive legacy of Mokhtar 'Super Mokh' Dahari

The Malaysian side will undergo a re-branding process which will see them being named as PKNS FC 'Super Mokh'
PKNS FC have taken a major step in paying tribute to the Malaysian legendary football player, Mokhtar Dahari, by rebranding the club to become PKNS FC 'Super Mokh'.

The legendary Malaysian striker once ploughed his trade with the Kuala Lumpur-based side and left an impeccable legacy through his on-pitch action. Now, PKNS FC have collaborated with Total Sports Sdn Bhd (TSSB) to refurbish the branding of the club and of course revive the legacy of Super Mokh.

TSSB will be assisting them in the rebranding process with the PKNS FC 'Super Mokh' concept being used as the frame for it. International friendly games are also being arranged while the list of community events organized by PKNS FC is also set to grow once again.

"We all know that Mokhtar Dahari was once a player with this team, leading the team with so much of inspiration. Therefore, I hope that this rebranding will inspire the current lot of players to be motivated with Super Mokh's legacy and continue driving the team forward," PKNS FC President Noor Hisham Mohd Gouth said in a statement that issued to the media.

Besides that, the Red Ants will also be launching their very own WebTV soon, with hopes of increasing their engagement with the fans.

PKNS FC are a well known side in Malaysia, having achieved plenty of success in their history. Their academy is also regarded as one of the best in the nation, as they continue to produce talents like Azrif Nasrulhaq and Aminuddin Noor, who currently ply their trade with Harimau Muda.