Negeri Sembilan in the hunt for new striker

President of Negeri Sembilan FA, Datuk Seri Mohammed Hasan, has admitted that taking Emanuel De Porras was a mistake and that they are looking to find a new striker
The Football Associaton of Negeri Sembilan has admitted that their new import striker, Emanuel Matias De Porras, was a huge mistake.

De Porras has not been playing well for Negeri Sembilan this season and their president, Datuk Seri Mohd Hassan, said that replacing Effa Owona with De Porras was a bad decision which they need to fix.

Speaking to Sinar Harian, he said they will be looking for new striker to strengthen up their front line.

"Strikers are really important, adding up with our ineffective import player, it made things worse for our team. However, I still think we need to fix this, so with that, we will be looking for new player to make sure we have a much stronger front line," said Datuk Seri Mohammad Hasan.

He also said that even though they have to spend more than usual, they will do it  to improve Negeri Sembilan's performance in the league.