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Bojan Hodak will use this three-week break from Super League to nurture his young and talented wingers

Kelantan will use the three-week break to strengthen their wing play and focus on the development of their young players as the Super League takes a three week break.

Kelantan's head coach Bojan Hodak is having problems in the flanks and attack after losing key players like S. Chanturu, Nurul Azwan Roya and Norshahrul Idlan before the season.

According to Bernama, Bojan praised Izwan Solahuddin who came and played well, but believes he is not ready just yet. He said "We need to use flanks more, but we dont have enough quality to fill that slot. So we are going to use this three weeks break to produce and prepare from within our young players in the squad."

"When Izwan came in during the game, he made some difference. The game looked more exciting but he is not ready yet," he added.