Rajagopal will give the chance to consistent performers

Malaysia's chief, Datuk K. Rajagopal, says that he always monitors his players development in the league, and will choose those who demonstrate consistent good form
Datuk K. Rajagopal, Malaysia's head coach, said he is constantly monitoring the development of players in the Malaysia League, in the hope to find players to call for training for the 2015 Asia Cup qualifiers.

According to him, monitoring players was one of the tasks that had to be carried out to keep tabs on the development of national players.

Speaking to Bernama, Rajagopal said "If we can see players playing well, they will have a chance to train with the national team, if they show a good and consistent game.

"I also hope those willing to play for national team will play well in all Malaysian League matches," he added.

Rajagopal said that Pahang duo, Mohd Hafiz Kamal and Mohd Fauzi Rozlan, who have impressed so far this season, were among those in his list alongside experienced players such as Safee Sali and Norshahrul.