Tam Sheang Tsung is set to train with Harimau Muda A

Tam Sheang Tsung, who plays for Shanghai Shenua in the China Super League, is set to train with Ong Kim Swee's men
18-year-old Tam Sheang Tsung, who is currently playing for Shanghai Shenhua in China Super League, will start training with Harimau Muda A.

Though Tam was born and raised in Japan, his parents are Malaysian citizens and they are the owners of Rasa Malaysia Cuisine Restaurant for the past 16 years.

Tam currently has a contract with Shanghai Shenua, which is also the club of Nicolas Anelka and Didier Drogba, but he has been called up by Ong Kim Swee to join the Malaysian Under-23 team.

Speaking to ESPNSTAR.my, Kim Swee said that Datuk Subahan Kamal and the Football Association of Malaysia have been working hard to bring him to the team.

"I was in Japan a few days ago for a conference and Datuk Subahan called me and asked me whether Tam Sheang Tsung can train with Harimau Muda. To me, this is a good chance for us to evaluate him and if he performs well, there is no reason why we can't offer him a chance to play with Harimau Muda A or Harimau Muda B," said Kim Swee.