Annuar urges Mat Yo to pay his debt to KAFA

KAFA President, Tan Sri Annuar Musa wants national striker Norshahrul Idlan Talaha to settle his debts to KAFA, which are reported to be around RM1 million
Norshahrul Idlan Talaha, better known as Mat Yo, has to pay his debt, which is believed to be more than RM1 million, in order to solve all the problems between him and the KAFA according to Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

The president of KAFA spoke to Kosmo and revealed that the amount considers factors including contract termination, transfer fee and loan fee as well as various incentives given by the association.

According to him, Norshahrul terminated his contract with Kelantan on the 1st of November, 13 months before his contract was due to end.

He also added that there is no political issues regarding this matter. "Our player transferred to another club, there must be a transfer fee, and when he terminates his contract, there must be a compensation.  And before he moved to his new club, he has to get transfer certificates. The whole world knows that.

"For Norshahrul's case, there are two issues regarding his transfer and contract termination. We already made our research and the FAM committee has made the decision that he can transfer because we did not go against it, but we have to defend our rights including the transfer fee and everything."

Annuar also said that his contract termination is worth more than RM300,000 and his transfer fee, as set by FAM, is RM250,000. "Is it the RM250,000 that Norshahrul wants to pay as transfer fee is enough? Of course it is absolutely not right.

"There is no argument that Norshahrul is the only player that won the MVP award for three years in a row, a national striker and someone who still has a contract with his old team, is worth more than RM250,000.

Annuar also said that KAFA received a bank draft from Norshahrul's lawyer worth RM250,000, but they are still in doubt what are the payments for. They are still waiting for answer from him.

"To my understandings, every player who wants to move to a new club and plays for his new team must have "Sijil Perpindahan Negeri" (SPN), and in this case, no one from Norshahrul's side has come and get the certificates."