Rajagobal will announce squad list on the 26th of January

On the 26th January, Datuk K. Rajagobal will announce which players are to represent Malaysia in Asian Cup qualification
Datuk K. Rajagobal will announce who is going to represent the national team on the 26th January, for the upcoming Asian Cup qualification against Qatar.

Despite having a very short timescale to prepare for the match, the national head coach has his own reasons for why he chose that date, as he considered a number of aspects including a packed Malaysian League schedule as well as assessment towards new faces for the national team.

According to Nadi Arena, Rajagobal will travel to Bahrain to see the strength and weaknessess of Qatar, Yemen and Bahrain before the competition starts this February.

He also hinted that the majoirty of the same squad that played in AFF cup last year will remain, and that some new faces will also travel with the team to UAE for the friendly match against Iraq on February 1st.