"No stars? No problem," - Azraai Khor reaffirms faith in the Seladangs

The former Kedah head coach is satisfied with the players at his disposal and believes that the Seladangs will be a force to be reckoned with, in the upcoming season
The likes of Johor Darul Takzim, Kelantan FA, ATM might all have big name players but Perak head coach Azraai Khor Abdullah beliefs that his squad will be able to challenge the other sides, despite not having any 'star' players.

"The players under me will be able to mount a challenge to the other sides this season. We don't have star players but what I have under me are players with strong desire to succeed," he told myMetro.

"Just give them the time and the chance to prove themselves and you will see."

Now this particular statemment can be refuted because the Seladangs do have a star player in the form of Farizal Marlias, who is currently touted to be the best goalkeeper in Malaysia. Not to forget that they also have former Super League top scorer Abdul Hadi Yahya in their ranks.

However the claim made by Azraai can be looked from a very positive angle. He has complete trust in the men under him, which can prove to be so vital throughout the course of the campaign. Azraai is well known not only for his tactics, but also for his passion of working and developing young players.

He was the one who unearthed the likes of Baddrol Bakthiar and Khyril Muhymeen in Kedah, before reviving Ahmad Shakir Ali and G. Mahathevan during his time with Negeri Sembilan. The prospect of joining Perak wasn't completely because of their senior team project, but because he had the opportunity of working with the best youth set-up in the country.

He also went on to reiterate his confidence over seeing young names like Failee Ghazlee, Rafiuddin Roddin and M. Yoganathan intergrate themselves into the squad and contribute immensely.

The Seladangs will kick off their Super League campaign against T-Team on the 8th of January at the Royal Navy Stadium in Lumut.