Exclusive: Bojan confident of victory in Charity Shield match

The Croatian claimed that the tie against ATM will not be an easy one but is confident of seeing his side emerge victorious

“It will be a really tough game, but we will emerge victorious.” That was what came out from Bojan’s lips during the 2013 TRW’s Jersey Launching Ceremony on Thursday.

Kelantan are scheduled to play against ATM, as the runner up of 2012 Malaysia Cup in the Charity Shield clash this Saturday. Both sides look equal on paper but Bojan believes that his side have everything they need to triumph on the day.

 “I would rather say that we have 50-50 chance, we lost our strikers, and they lost the twins (Aidil and Zakwan) and Azmi Muslim to Johor.”

“In the eyes of everyone else, we might be the favourites, but ATM have lots of experienced players, so I’m sure it will be tough game from the beginning to the end.”

When quizzed on what strategy he will use to face the Gladiators, Bojan said “Sathia (B. Sathianathan) and I have got similar opinion in playing the game, dominating the midfield area and I think that the team that can control the midfield well will have the advantage to win the match.”

Kelantan ace Khairul Fahmi is set to miss this one as it is colliding with his marriage ceremony day, and Bojan just calmly shrugged off his inavailability. Meanwhile, he also explained his decision of picking Keita Mandjou over Dimitri Petratos for the Super League squad, which was deemed to be shocking by many Red Warriors fans.

“Some people look at his dribbling skills and think that Dimitry is a good player. It's true, he has a great dribbling skills and is lovely to watch. But during the match he doesn’t have much space to dribble.

"When comparing players, I looked in different views; heights, defending and dicipline in the field. So after several match, and few discussions with the coaches we decided that Keita (Mandjou) is the best for the team at the moment.”

“However we still have an opening during April to give Petratos a role if Keita is under-performing,” he added.