Terengganu state government introduce performance-based system for both Terengganu and T-team

Menteri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said has introduced a performance-based system where players will receive a pay cut if they have discipline problems, or do not perform well in matches
Terengganu's Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Said has set a rule that any Terengganu and T-Team players who are not disciplined, or do not perform up to expectations in the Super League, will have their salary deducted.

Ahmad Said's decision to introduce a performance-based system and deduct the salary of players who are indisciplined or not performing was because of what happened last season, whereby players were deemed to have purposely received yellow cards or red cards, hence disrupting the rythm and the strategy of the team.

Speaking to Bernama, Ahmad said he will not tolerate players who are not disciplined because the state government invests a lot of money to run both teams. For this season alone, the state government would spend about RM7 million for both teams to play in the M-League.

"We are worried that indisciplined players may derail our hope of winning at least a trophy this year," said Ahmad after witnessing players from Terengganu and T-Team signing their respective contracts.