"He is confident of shining in Portugal," - Fakri Saarani's agent

Fakri's personal agent Faisal Zakariah claimed that he is currently adjusting to life in Portugal, having finalised his move to Atletico S.C
Fakri Saarani is currently embarking on a dream journey in Portugal, having concluded his move to Third Division side Atletico SC. The former Harimau Muda forward will become the second Malaysian player to feature in Portugal after Nazmi Faiz and his personal agent Faisal Zakariah claimed that Fakri is determined to succeed over there.

"He is full of confidence right now," Faisal told Utusan Malaysia.

"In fact, Atletico S.C are still in contention of gaining promotion to the second division and Fakri is determined to help them do so."

The Portuguese side will be kicking off 2013 with a match against current league leaders U. Montemor this Sunday. Fakri is likely to be included as a substitute in the squad for the game, though it remains to be seen whether he will be brought onto the pitch.

"As for now, he is in the squad for the game. But I'm not really sure whether he will be given the chance to feature in it. But the the head coach Eduardo Almeida is well aware of his potential and qualities.

"Fakri will be playing a support striker role in this team and as of now, he is the only Asian player in their squad. The rest of the foreigners are from Africa.

"Usually, Fakri is regarded as a big player in Malaysia, but when you compare his height with the other guys in Portugal, he is relatively small. But I am confident of him adjusting to life here.

"As of now, there are no real problems whatsoever, as he is 100% fit. But the main obstacles for him are the weather and language, though Fakri himself is confident of settling down.

Atletico S.C are currently placed fourth in the Third Division, with 12 matches played already thus far.