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Perlis Football Association has denied the claims made by FAM regarding their import players were brought away by their agents

Perlis Football Association (PFA) has denied claims that their two new import players were brought away by their agents to play in another country.

In fact, The club's secretary Dr Ammar Hassan said that the two players, who are Emmanuel Okine from Ghana and Zakaria Charara from Lebanon (brought in from Kelantan) are currently in training with former T-Team coach Yunus Alif and are ready to face the Premier League next season.

Dr Ammar was speaking to Bernama, and according to him there have been a few technical mistakes because they had already registered both players to Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) before the closing date for registration on the 6th of December.

"I heard rumours that their agents were having discussion with a club from Thailand but I understand that they failed to reach an agreement."

Vice President of FAM, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin, had stated earlier that Perlis did not register any players for next season and claimed that both players were brought away by their agents to play with another club.

Ammar also added that PFA has tied contracts for a year with the two players until end of 2013.

When asked about their target next season, their target is to not be relegated. He also claimed that if they were to be promoted to Super League in 2014, that will be a bonus for them. Perlis was supposed to go down to the FAM league for next season, but remain in the Premier League as a few teams have pulled out due to financial problems.