Keita Mandjou given the mandate for upcoming Malaysia Super League season

Bojan Hodak has picked Keita Mandjou to lead Kelantan's offensive charge in the MSL, leaving Dimitri Petratos for the AFC Cup challenge
Kelantan FA have opted for Keita Mandjou and Obinna Nwaneri as their Malaysia Super League foreign players, leaving Dimitri Petratos and Lek Kcira for their AFC Cup challenge.

FAM only allows two foreigners per team in the Malaysia Super League, but Kelantan were given an additional two slots for their AFC Cup participation.

Prior to this, Obinna Nwaneri was already registered as one of their MSL foreign players, while Bojan Hodak was still undecided on picking between Keita and Dimitri.

The Red Warriors then went on a plethora of friendly matches throughout the Northern Malaysia region, and the Croation head coach has now finally made up his mind.

"Keita Mandjou has the complete package to lead our charge upfront. I am certainly confident of him replacing Ghaddar as our MSL striker," he told Sinar Harian.

"But he has to work hard as well. There must never be complacency in my squad, as I can easily replace him with Dimitri when the transfer window re-opens in April."

Bojan also went on to offer words of comfort for the young Australian forward, claiming that he will still have plenty of first team action in the AFC Cup.

"Petratos is a terrific young forward, and certainly has a very bright future. He might be a little disappointed with this decision, but it wasn't an easy one for me as well.

"Anyhow, he will be playing in six AFC Cup group stage matches. Besides that, he will also be playing in at least four friendly matches that we are planning to arrange during the league breaks in January and February."

Keita Mandjou is already a popular name in Malaysian football, having previously plied his trade with Perak FA between 2004 and 2006.

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