Kelantan can fight for trebles again - Karathu

Former coach Datuk M.Karathu said there is no reason why Kelantan can't be the champions again next season.
Kelantan is still going to fight for the titles in 2013. This is according to experienced former coach Datuk M Karathu, who believes under Bojan Hodak 'The Red Warriors' can still keep the momentum they showed in 2012, despite the emergence of star-studded team Darul Takzim FC.

Karathu is confident about Kelantan's chances because they still have the majority of last season's players. "I think Kelantan is going to be the team to beat again next season. There are a few factors for this, such as their harmony and organized play as a team, their consistency and also the strong support from their fans. There is no reason why can't they keep their treble."

Speaking to Sinar Harian, he added "Darul Takzim FC is another team that can challenge for the titles, but they need time to gel with one another."

Datuk M. Karathu believes there are four teams that can be considered as "Big Four" next season. They are Kelantan, Darul Takzim FC, Selangor and Perak.