Irfan Bakti unfazed by Selangor's lack of form

The Red Giants have failed to notch a single win in the ongoing Acheh's Governor Cup in Indonesia, but head coach Irfan Bakti isn't looking too much into it
Selangor head coach Irfan Bakti believes that its only a matter of time before his side finds the right blend and chemistry to win games. The Red Giants are currently participating in the Acheh Governor's Cup in Indonesia,, but have failed to secure a single victory so far.

Selangor drew 1-1 with Makassar FC in the opening game of the tournament, before losing 1-0 to Acheh FC in the second game of Group B. They finished as runners up in the group, but were given a footballing lesson by Semen Padang in the semis, losing 3-1 to the Indonesian side.

The Red Giants are scheduled to take on Brunei DPMM in the third place clasification match on Saturday and Irfan Bakti is still optimistic for his side.

"Well our defeat to Semen Padang was mainly because we had to play with 10 men for most of the game, after Nasriq Baharom was sent off," he told Berita Harian.

"We worked hard but they were visibly the better side on the day, undoubtedly the Indonesian Premier League champions. Anyways, I am quite happy to have participated in this tournament as going up against these very good four teams will aid our preparation for the upcoming season.

Selangor are set to arrive in Malaysia this Sunday, with four more friendly matches being arranged within the country, before kick starting the Malaysian Super League (MSL) campaign against Negeri Sembilan on the 8th of January.

"Over here, I've already tested several combinations and methods. All I'm going to do when we head back home is just pretty much test Asraruddin Putra, Francis Forkey Doe and S. Kunanlan, who are still a little unfit."